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DIY Replacing Window Screens

DIY Replacing Window Screens

The cool weather has finally arrived and we can finally start recovering from those outrageous summer electricity bills! That is, before we start forking out money again for the winter gas bills. I went around the house opening up windows only to find holes that were certainly big enough for decently sized spiders to crawl through. I called around to different window shops around town for pricing on rescreening or replacing the screens and it was $25-$50 a piece! With roughly... too many windows to count in our house, that wasn't really money we wanted to pay right now. As it turned out, rescreening windows yourself is very simple and MUCH less expensive. 



Plan on about 20 minutes per screen. 


$22 for supplies (assuming you have the tools needed)

Supply Cost Breakdown: 

$4 - Screen Spline (only if your current ones need replacing)

$5 - Spline Roller

$13 - Window Screening

Other Tools:

$12 - Utility Knife

1 Extra Pair of Hands


If you have a clean deck to work on, that would work best. The old screens can be a bit dirty, but any open floor area works just fine. 

1. Pull the screen frame off the window. There are usually tabs that will help with this. DIY Replace Window Screens

2. Toss the old screen but have a look at the condition of the spline. Hang on to it for later if it still looks like it's in good condition but if not, you can at least use it to measure out a new piece.

3. Clean up and straighten out the frame, then measure out a new piece of screen. Give yourself at least 1-2 inches of extra space around the edge to make it easier to stretch and place it. 

DIY Replace Window Screens

4. Start by pushing the spline into side #1 with the spline roller. If you're having trouble getting it started, it may help to push in the corner with a flathead screwdriver. 

DIY Replace Window Screens

5. If you can find someone to help you out with this step, it will go much quicker. Have the second person pull outward on sides #2 and #3 of the screen while you take the spline roller to side #2. Do the same for sides #3 and #4. 

DIY Replace Window Screens

6. Use the utility knife to cut off the excess screen on all sides. 

DIY Replace Window Screens

7. Place the screen back in the window and enjoy the great weather and fresh air! 

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